Bridesmaid Trends in Savannah, GA

Once a bride has decided what she wants to wear, the next thing she turns to is those who will be standing to her left – her bridesmaids.

No bride wants to be the stereotypical – OMG, I have to love her if I’m going to wear that dress – bride.  Granted, you don’t want your best friend to outshine you, but you don’t want her to be miserable, or worse – laughable, either.

So, how do you ensure your right hand ladies will be happy, although not happier than you, on your special day?  We’ve seen a couple of fun things we think you’ll enjoy and maybe incorporate into your own wedding.
1)     Color scheme only – noticeable in 2011, trend (we believe) by 2012, pick your color and have your wedding party find any dress they like but they have to stay in that color theme.  This tends to work because let’s face it – who has three of their best friends that have the same body type, except on Sex in the City?

2)     Empire waists – although a little on the “safe” side – most body types can pull off an empire waist – even if they’re pregnant.  Back in fashion, there are a number of empire waist dresses that are very fashionable  – check out these sites – The Dressy Group,  and Milanoo – just to name a few.

Although it’s your day, it’s important to not forget the people around you – especially those that love you and want to share in your wedding.  If these ladies are important enough to stand with you on your day, they are important enough to consider when deciding what they should look like for your pictures that will last a lifetime.

If you need other ideas, don’t hesitate to give us a call because at The Mackey House we want to be your place for special events!

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