Business Retreat Time in Savannah, GA

Could your office use a day out of the building?  It’s getting dangerously close to spring fever and believe it or not, your co-workers, employees, and managers all have it.

Whether you host an offsite retreat, conduct a workshop, invite a guest speaker, or just work on some team building exercises, the 90-day slump is upon you – you know, the time between holiday break and spring break where the office is madly working everyday with no vacations.

A line from the movie Office Space from Producer Mike Judge says it best, “man was not meant to work in little cubicles staring at computer screens all day.”  Your fellow workers are starting to feel it and as the manager, it’s your duty to do something new to shake things up.

A few ideas of what to do for a total offsite office workday:

1)     Brainstorming Retreat – whatever it is your office is currently working on, take a new look at it by taking it outside your office.  It’s amazing what a change of scenery can do for a fresh look at an old problem.

2)     Inspirational Speaker – there are a number of incredible business people, many in your own backyard, which would be honored to speak to your company.  Whether you need new business ideas or a motivational topic, look to some of the neighborhood professional associations for experts in what you need.

3)     Teambuilding Exercises – it’s good to get to know your co-workers outside the regular work cycle.  Maybe Bob’s going back to school or Cindy’s oldest child is about to go to college, having a real relationship with the people you see on a regular basis can help productivity and dedication in the long run.

4)     Business Workshops – is your office stuck on a project?  Have you been using the same business practices and need to jazz things up a bit?  Bringing in new technologies or new methods for mundane details can be a reason to get the team together and introduce the changes in a positive manner.

5)     Social Celebration – maybe you have a lot of birthdays or retirements or just need a break from the everyday – a social event could be just the thing you need to break up the monotony and bring in some fun.

With Spring just around the corner, warmer temperatures promising to stick around, and blooming flowers in the air – getting your office team out of the physical building could be the tension-breaker you’ve been looking for.  Let us know if you need ideas or to book your event because The Mackey House can help with all the details!

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