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3 Cactus Wedding Ideas Perfect for This Summer

Tired of the same old summer wedding themes? We have a new, fresh, and truly adorable one for you: cactuses. Believe it or not, there’s a myriad of cactus wedding ideas perfect for this summer – and following, we have gathered some of the cutest and most creative ideas to inspire you. Read on and find out more.

3 Cactus Wedding Ideas Perfect for This Summer

  1. Cactuses on your cake. Regardless of whether you plan on having a classic buttercream cake or a naked one, cactuses have plenty of room – at least for the décor. Replace the glitzy wedding cake topper with a piece of cactus that goes with the rest of the wedding color scheme – guests will absolutely love the idea (so much that they will want to “steal” a picture with the cake!).
  2. Cactuses as table runners. Looking for an ultra-minimalist way of decorating your long, outdoor wedding tables? Cactuses are such a marvelous way of doing this! Simply arrange them as you would with a table runner and let them “do their magic”. It is impossible not to like this look!
  3. Cactuses as escort cards. Want to greet your guests in a really unique way, and make sure they all find their tables easily and without stress? Create some escort cards from cactus “leaves”. Not only will these look really nice, but they will be more than a unique idea.

Cactuses as wedding favors. Looking for the most adorable wedding favors on Earth? Mini-cactuses in mini-bags with your personalized monogram or message – this is the answer. Give them a chance and you will absolutely love them!

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Photo credit: Dreamweaver Photos