Can We Set a Dress Code for Our Guests?

As the host of your wedding, you want everyone there to feel excellent. But you also want the overall appeal of the Big Day to be absolutely flawless and perfectly put-together as well. And while some wedding etiquette rules are long outdated (and should be left where they are – in the past, that is), there are also some rules you should definitely not ignore.

For example, if you are like a lot of modern brides, you may ask yourself “can we set a dress code for our guests?”. Here are some things you should keep in mind when it comes to this:

  • – Yes, you should tell your guests about the dress code. It is definitely not impolite to ask them to dress up according to your wedding’s level of formality. In the end, this is your Big Day and you can definitely have certain “rules” you want your guests to follow.
  • – Furthermore, your guests will also find it helpful to know about the dress code. The last thing they want is to come dressed too casually for a very formal event (or, the other way around, to overdress for a very informal party).
  • – In general, the dress code should be specified on the wedding invitations (e.g. “casual” or “black tie”). Most of the guests will understand what that means. For further details, you can guide your guests towards your wedding website (where you can tell them about location-appropriate attires or weather-savvy clothes too).


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Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos