Wedding Planning

2020 Wedding Trends Brides-To-Be Need To Know About

Each year, we see new and exciting wedding trends pop up, from decor and food ideas to bride and bridesmaid dress styles. To make sure your wedding is Instagram and Pinterest-ready as we move into the new year, here are some 2020 wedding trends that...

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First 6 Steps to Take After Getting Engaged

First and foremost, congratulations on your engagement! Your partner has officially popped the question, and after the tears were dried and the laughter subdued, it is likely that your thoughts quickly turned to venues, caterers, cake, and decor....

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All Your Wedding Cake Cutting Questions, Answered

The cake cutting ceremony often serves as the last official event of a wedding and signals to guests that they can start making their way home whenever they are ready. Because of this, people typically hold their cake cutting ceremony after dinner, before the dancing...

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Wedding Planners: Do You Need One?

With all of these color schemes, reception ideas, and ceremony traditions already conceptualized, future brides can sometimes overlook the benefits of hiring a wedding planner. In reality, a wedding planner in Savannah, GA can often become one of the most important people to have...

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What to Look for in a Spring Wedding Venue

Spring Wedding Venue

When you are throwing a springtime wedding, there is a lot to consider to be able to fully encompass the season. From the venue space to rain back-up plans, here are just a few things to look for in a spring wedding venue....

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Charming Ideas for a Holiday Wedding

Getting married in Savannah around Christmas and New Year’s makes for magical weddings as the city turns into its own kind of winter wonderland. Although many guests will open your wedding invitation and expect to see a spring or summer date, throwing a wedding in...

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Tips for Planning an Affordable Wedding

wedding locations in georgia

With the dress, food, decorations, flower arrangements, tablecloths, tables, and more, the cost of a wedding can easily skyrocket. However, with some extra planning, prioritizing, and creativity, it is possible to stick to a strict budget and cut corners where you can without the cut...

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