What’s All Involved With a Catholic Wedding Ceremony?

What’s All Involved With a Catholic Wedding Ceremony?  The greatest thing about today’s weddings is that they allow you to be really you. It doesn’t matter what your beliefs may be and regardless of what your family history may be. Modern weddings allow you to blend in the traditions that define you and your love story in a magical love story everyone will enjoy.  Regardless of if they don’t come from the same religious, ethnic, or national background as you.

For example, if you are Catholic, you are more than free to have a very traditional Catholic wedding. What does that involve and how is it different than other Christian ceremonies? Here are some of the things you should know about a typical Catholic Wedding Ceremony.

What’s All Involved With a Catholic Wedding Ceremony?

  • First of all, Catholic weddings need to take place in an actual Catholic church. Unlike with many other Christian denominations, it is compulsory that the ceremony takes place in the house of worship. This is something to remember when planning the Big Day. Yes, you might be able to get approval from your bishop to have your wedding in another location, but these instances are quite rare, so you shouldn’t rely on this.
  • Secondly, Catholic wedding ceremonies can be very short (if the couple chooses to stick to the “basics”), or quite long (which is the actual traditional way to do this). If the wedding ceremony is incorporated in a Nuptial Mass, expect to have the gospel read, listen to psalms and participate in many other rites similar to those of a Sunday Mass.
  • The communion is the part of the Mass that comes right after the wedding vow exchange – and it is frequently considered a religious element only Catholics should participate in. If you have non-Catholics in your wedding party, be sure to talk to your priest, as he can advise you on what they should do during the communion.


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