Choosing Your Wedding Party

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now comes the fun part, planning the wedding. The first few items to check off of course are setting a date and deciding on a venue. After that, it’s time to start thinking about the wedding party. For many couples, who will be in their wedding party is a no brainer, but there are several things to consider when choosing who is going to be standing next to you when you say I do.

We have found some great information to consider when selecting the bridal party.

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When brainstorming, make sure to consider everyone’s budget. If you have a close friend that you want in your wedding but they are in no place financially to spend a few hundred dollars on a dress, shoes, etc. and you’re not in a financial place to help them out then you may want to re-consider. No one should go bankrupt because of a wedding, and it could compromise not only their reliability to be able to be in the wedding, but the friendship altogether.

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Drama is not something a couple wants while planning their wedding or at their wedding. That is something to keep in mind when selecting bridesmaids and groomsmen. Throughout the planning process there are going to be several occasions where everyone is together, and if two or more of them have previous conflict, it can make for some awkward and uncomfortable moments. If there is a situation, make sure to talk with them individually and ensure it won’t be a problem.

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The rules of choosing a wedding party are different than they used to be. Couples are throwing tradition out the window with unique ceremonies tailored just for them. Choose as large or as small a wedding party as you like, because the most important thing is that the people standing up at the alter with you are who you want.

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