Corporate Retreats in Savannah, GA

Today’s economic climate makes it difficult to get your team together for anything more than a business meeting – sometimes even those are difficult depending on your current work load – so the idea of a full day retreat can make you ready to throw up your hands in defeat.

Keep two things in mind:

1) morale – being able to give your employees time, on the clock, to get to know one another on a non-work level, giving them outside the office conversation can be an invaluable experience and

2) talent search – you will also learn something about your employees that you may not have already known, by taking them out of your normal work roles and seeing what they can do with a ropes course, leadership test, or role playing scenario

Although cumbersome, these types of retreats, even if only performed once per year, give you the opportunity for teachable moments, professional development, and comrade.  These priceless interactions give your company chances for growth you couldn’t experience inside your everyday four walls.

Team building can be an invaluable tool – helping your team come together and understand one another in a new way can congeal co-workers in a way unimagined before.

Even taking a half-day afternoon can be just the refreshing jaunt from the everyday can be just the revitalization your team needs to be energized for that new project, finishing an overdue project, or taking the company to the next level.

Don’t know what kind of events to do with your team?  Let The Mackey House help you plan your day with us.  We’ll not only help with ideas, team building exercises, and leaders if you need them, but we can assist with on-site catering as well.

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