Create the perfect ambience for your wedding

Your big day is getting nearer and nearer and with every second that goes by, you are probably more and more nervous. You want your wedding to turn out just as you have always dreamed it to be. Even more than that, you want every single guest at your wedding to feel exceptional.


In order to make sure everyone feels great at the big party, you will have to make sure you create the perfect ambience. We have gathered a few tips that may help you do this easier:

  • Flowers: weddings are very much connected to flowers, so make sure you get some nice arrangements. Generally speaking, the centerpieces should be enough when it comes to this, but if you want to, you can use flowers to decorate the ceiling and the wall as well. Furthermore, don’t limit yourself to traditional flower arrangements if you want to be more unique. Adding branches, seashells, fallen leaves and figurines can make for wonderful arrangements too!
  • Lightning: this one depends a lot on what kind of wedding you are planning to have. If you want something modern and edgy, you may want to hire professional lightning systems to make the party go on. If you want something more romantic, remember to have candles placed here and there (if you cannot light up the whole room with candles alone).
  • Music: most of the weddings will involve dancing and you do need the right kind of music for this. Hire a DJ or a band and ensure that they have a playlist of the most important songs you want them to play. Also, make sure they’ll be able to play or mix in music for all tastes and ages so that everyone gets on the dance floor.

The Mackey House is the kind of wedding venue that creates an amazing ambience on its own as well. If you add your favorite decorations and if you bring in your best music, our location will become just perfect for your dream wedding!

Photo source: Dave Walker