Destination Weddings rise to popularity

Why are destination weddings becoming so popular?  There’s a myriad of reasons and we’re working to make sure each destination wedding has the best experience possible at The Mackey House while experiencing everything Savannah, GA has to offer.

1)      Easy planning – most brides choose to do a destination wedding because it makes planning the event easy for the bride.  Tell the venue planner (or your own wedding planner) what you want, be sure they understand your vision so they can ensure the food, decorations, entertainment, and style is exactly to your liking.  Be sure to be specific with your wedding planner otherwise you may not get exactly what you wanted.

2)      Costs – because having events in multiple locations can become costly, many times destination weddings are able to host the wedding and the reception in the same place, charging you one flat rate for both sites – much like The Mackey House and how the wedding and reception are beautiful from one centralized location (you also don’t have to worry about how to get the wedding party from one place to the other).

3)      Wedding Size – if we’re honest, food is typically the most expensive part of the wedding reception; next maybe is the alcohol if you’re having such libations at your celebration.  Either way, the smaller the number of attendees, the smaller your ending bill may be, on both counts.   When you have your wedding further away from your home location, less people will be able to attend the event, keeping your food and beverage costs down.

4)      Wedding and honeymoon – a number of wedding couples are looking to go to their honeymoon immediately after the wedding – why wait for the best part?  What better way to have that happen, then to have your wedding right where you want to honeymoon?  Places like Savannah, GA, are the perfect place to do both – a romantic city with lots of fun things to do and places to go – you can’t get much better than the combo!

5)      Location, location, location – everyone loves great pictures, and your special day should have the best backdrop imaginable.  If your backdrop is a location that means something to you and your soon-to-be-spouse, then those pictures will speak volumes when you go back to reminisce 5, 10, 15, 20, or more years down the road.  It’s important that your location be special to the two of you and has meaning that will last a lifetime.

Regardless of what you choose to do with your wedding day, be sure it represents the two of you, nothing cements the vow the two of you make to one another like choosing food, locations, music, colors, decorations, that mean something to the two of you.


If you need help, just give usa call because The Mackey House strives to be your place for the perfect event!

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