Don't Forget to Do These Things on Your Big Day

Don’t Forget to Do These Things on Your Big Day

Your Big Day will be a rollercoaster of emotions, that’s for sure. Regardless of whether you plan on having an ultra-large wedding, or a very small one, there will still be a lot of tasks for you to handle.  So it’s perfectly understandable why you might be prone to forget about some of the most important things.  What are the most common such tasks? Well, don’t forget to do these things on your Big Day:

Don’t Forget to Do These Things on Your Big Day

  1. Bring the marriage license. It doesn’t matter how perfectly well lined-up your napkins are, or how amazing your cake looks. If you don’t bring your marriage license to the wedding, it’s all pointless. Make sure you don’t forget this at home if you want everything about your Big Day to be flawlessly…legal. And if you think you are inclined to forget this important document, task your Maid of Honor to remind you of it!
  2. Make a playlist for the getting ready “party”. You want to start your Big Day energized and filled with hope.  It’s really important to play the right music in the background too. Have some fun with your special ladies and de-stress yourselves by moving on the beat of your favorite tunes!
  3. This may seem really basic, but with so many things to do and so many emotions taking over, eating may feel like the last thing on your list. However, it is absolutely crucial that you have a nice, nutritious breakfast before you leave for the actual wedding.  It will give you energy and it will ensure you can get through this big event without fainting or feeling sick.

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