Elegant Barn Wedding Décor

Choosing the décor of your wedding is a very important part of the planning process. If you want a rustic wedding, but if you also want it to be elegant, you should definitely know that this is more than possible. With a bit of creativity and a bit of inspiration, you will create an elegant barn wedding that will feel “torn out” of wedding magazines! Here are some ideas to inspire you:


  • Rich, white flower arrangements. Choose big, white roses or peonies for your centerpieces and for the ceremony flower arrangements. These flowers are elegant, feminine and extremely graceful and they will create a beautiful contrast with the rustic décor.
  • Warm lights. Candles, strings of lights and other warm light sources will offer your “barn” a romantic appeal and they will make it elegant and beautiful at the same time. It’s up to you how you choose to place these around your wedding venue, but make sure the light they create is of the warmer type.
  • Elegant table arrangements. Even if your tables and chairs are really “rustic”, choose table linens, plates, cutlery and glassware that looks elegant and classy. At first, it may seem that they will not go well with the rest of the rustic décor, but they will complement each other perfectly.
  • A really fancy wedding cake. When it comes to the dessert, you could go for traditional pies. But if you want to add a dash of elegant in this “section” of the wedding, it would be much better if you went for an elegant cake.

The Mackey House is a stunning wedding venue suitable for a wide range of wedding themes. If you want to have an elegant rustic wedding, our venue will be more than perfect for this so make sure to visit us before settling on anything!

Photo source: Dream Weaver Photos