Eloping and Vow Renewal in Savannah, GA

The holidays are a time that we pause to reflect on the events of the past year.  Many religions believe it’s a time of metaphysical and spiritual rebirth, and for some couples a way to start or re-start their lives together.

Eloping and Vow Renewal ceremonies many times have a number of the same elements, besides just the symbolism of it all.  Some options that make these opportunities attractive are:

1)      Small Ceremonies:  Keeping the ceremony and/or reception intimate gives a couple more control over rituals, location, menu, etc – you can make the event all about you rather than concerning your guests in your decision-making.

2)      Cost Savings:  While the economy is down, sometimes it’s good to have options for keeping costs to a minimum – a beautiful ceremony is possible within a budget.

3)      Ease of Plans:  A number of locations – like The Mackey House – can create an all-inclusive package for you and your guests, meaning you can make one phone call and have everything planned for you in advance, rather than booking several meetings with several places.

4)      Vow Renewals:  Almost in a category by itself, a number of couples have undergone stressful times with the rough economy adding marriage stressors.  Knowing you and your spouse have come through the tough time together sometimes means it’s time to renew your commitment – the holidays are a great opportunity for that.

5)      Anniversaries:  Some couples will renew their vows after 15, 20, 50 years – is it time to say to your spouse, I’m glad we did it and I’d do it again?

Whatever you and your soon-to-be spouse’s reasons for wanting to either elope or renew your vows, know that at The Mackey House we will work with you to create the perfect feel for your ceremony.  Every couple, regardless of the stage they are in with their relationship, deserves that special memory of that special day that signified a start of something new.  Let us know how we can help – whether it’s event/wedding planning, catering, or if we can be your one-stop-shop – because at The Mackey House, we are the place for events.

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