Eloping in Savannah, Georgia

Once a dirty word in the wedding industry, eloping has become more and more common as budgets get tighter, the economy slowly rebounds, and couples have friends from across the globe.

Eloping has many positive attributes such as:

1)     Cost – of course the biggest reason to plan an elopement is cost, you can still have your ceremony but without the extra expense

2)     Dress – if you’re not into “dressing up,” there’s no law that says you have to buy the big dress and tux, you can wear what you want without worrying what others may think – wear the outfits you like best on one another – it’s completely up to you

3)     Decorations – again, all decisions are yours – choose what you want, if you want to do decorations at all – same for flowers, cake, party afterward, etc

4)     Location – if you’re not having to worry about guests and their arrival, you can get married anywhere you choose – many times you can elope to your honeymoon destination

5)     Less Stress – truly the ability to relax and, for lack of better definition, get the job done, you can make exchanging your vows as low key or high-brow as you desire

Because of these reasons, and many others we can’t begin to mention, The Mackey House has created two elopement packages designed just for the bride and groom in mind.

The first package is just for the two of you.  Again, we work with you to create the exact atmosphere you want for your special day and reduce our rates to reflect your needs.  The second package allows up to 10 guests and still gives you the freedom to work with our Wedding Planners to create your ideal wedding ceremony.

Whether looking for an intimate setting for you and your spouse-to-be or a larger event for you and all your family and friends, call our incredible team of event specialists at The Mackey House will work with you to create the perfect day.  Contact us to discuss details, make arrangements for a visit, or simply tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen because at The Mackey House, we’re all about you.

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