Embracing the idea of Elopement

Everything comes full circle sooner or later and the idea of elopement did it too – even if it came back to us in a different way than it used to be for our grandmothers and grandfathers. You most likely heard them tell you the story of their elopement or of the elopement of someone they knew back when they were young too, but you most likely associated it with running away from strict parents, from a too strict and judgmental society and from the wedding restrictions imposed both by parents and by society.


Elopement nowadays is nothing about running away with your sweetheart because your parents won’t let you marry him. In fact, it is a much practical and sensible option from many points of view. Elopement can be a great choice for at least three reasons:

  • It can really be a much more affordable type of wedding than a large, traditional one. Just think of it for a moment: for one day of joy and music, you will most likely get in debt for a long time now. Even more than that, you don’t always really want everyone at the wedding to actually be there and a very large number of the people you will be hosting are actually pretty much unknown to you.
  • Elopement yells romanticism from hundreds of miles away. Your grandmother’s stories may have been hidden under a veil of shame, runaway and courage, but in the end, they were romantic at their very core.
  • Elopement can come in many shapes. Many couples choose to pre-plan their elopement in detail. Others choose to be spontaneous. Some of them choose to simply go to the courthouse and get married, while others plan out a full honeymoon far from the madding crowd. Whichever way you look at it, elopement can still be an easier option than traditional weddings.

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Photo credit: Bell and Jeff