Essential Wedding Menu Questions

It’s High Time You Found Answers to the Essential Wedding Menu Questions

Planning a wedding in Savannah? We bet you have a lot of questions, regardless of the style and size you have chosen for this huge day in your life. With so many changes in wedding etiquette, it is perfectly understandable if you feel slightly confused – but no worries, all of your questions have answers.

What are the answers to the essential wedding menu questions, for example? We’ve gathered them right below, so read on to find out more.

  • – Should you serve anything to eat during the cocktail hour? Absolutely, and there are multiple reasons to do so. For starters, things can easily turn into a disaster when people drink cocktails on an empty stomach. But even more than that, serving some delicious hors d’oeuvres can instantly change their mood and set them up for the big party to follow after the cocktail hour.
  • – Should you avoid certain foods? Generally, no. You can serve pretty much whatever your heart desires, especially if you find it meaningful (or plain and simply delicious, in the end!). However, some foods tend to be messier than others, and given that this is a fancy event (even when very casual), you might want to avoid them (some examples include shrimp, lobster, and so on).
  • –  Should you serve something as a midnight snack? We totally advise you to do this! It can energize people and make them feel better even as the night settles in (and let’s be honest: you want nothing more than a wedding where people dance until the morning comes, right?).


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