Favorite Wedding Send-Offs

There are so many fun and creative ways for guests to send you off at your wedding! Today we would like to share new ways for guests to say their farewells and well wishes to the newlyweds:

A sparkler send-off is a fun option for evening weddings that makes great photos!  This option can be pricey so be sure to keep that in mind when considering budget. This choice really creates a magical environment as the special day comes to an end!

For anyone who keeps up with the latest in the wedding world, this next option is new stylish trend might appeal to them. Using ribbons that complement the chosen color scheme ties into the theme nicely. Not to mention, this might appeal to anyone who has a knack for DIY!

Couples with strong school spirit will love this idea! Have guests wave pom poms in their school colors as they exit the ceremony or reception for everyone to hop in with school pride.

Get creative and have some fun by lighting up the night with a glow stick send-off!

This idea is great in trend and also for the environment. Toss colored recycled paper confetti as the newlyweds leave the venue. It’s a fun way for guests to say goodbye in an eco-friendly fashion.

Wedding send-offs are the “grand finale” of the wedding day. Therefore, it’s important to make every lasting moment count, especially the couple’s final moments from their special day. Unique send-offs like these will without question make newlyweds feel special while concluding their wedding celebration.

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Photo Credits: Pinterest