Finding your ideal Honeymoon Location!

Wouldn’t it be lovely if finding your picturesque honeymoon destination would be a simple as taking a quiz?  Although Brides Magazine did a fabulous job with this one – Honeymoon Finder – there’s a lot more that you’re going to want to consider when finding your special spot!

We have gathered a few of the important details to discuss when planning for your ideal getaway.  Our top five only scratch the surface of how to go about your honeymooning in style, but note the number of questions that go along with each section!

1)      Money – as with a number of things, money is the number one factor.  Decide how much you want to spend on your honeymoon then take a look at what all is within your budget.  Be realistic –have a fair idea of the amount you’d like for the total in mind.
2)      What to do? – What kinds of things do the two of you like to do together?  Are you looking for planned/scheduled activities or are you looking to create your itinerary as you go?    These questions can help you decide how best to reserve your vacation too!
3)      Weather – Beaches versus mountains…it’s as old of a question as you can get.  Are the two of you into the same kinds of activities?  Maybe you want to try something new – scuba diving, snow skiing, sky diving?
4)      Type of vacation – are the two of you adventurers?  Do you prefer cold or warm?  Are you thinking international travel or do you get airsick on planes?  How do you feel about cruises?  These are important questions to discuss prior to picking your place.
5)      National or international – both types of trips have good and bad sides to them.  International requires passports, passes, and other documentation depending on where you’re going.  National can restrict activities depending on location, and so on.

Should you decide Savannah, GA is your destination, let us know.  We can help get you in touch with the right people – as well as a few area specialists that know how to get you the trip of a lifetime!

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