Five Great Pinterest Finds

With wedding season coming into full swing, brides (and sometimes even grooms!) are looking for any and all tools to help make their big day a unique and memorable one. Luckily, there are blogs, websites and other social media platforms that are dedicated to making planning your wedding easier. One of the most popular, Pinterest, is known for its huge wedding section and has been giving brides great ideas for years. We have highlighted some of our favorite pins to showcase what a great tool it really is.

To help erase the problem of mistaken identity, we found a pin that gives you a chart on how to properly address your wedding or save-the-date invitations. So now, as long as you know their marital status, you’ll know how to title the envelope.

 One of the most important things on a Bride’s mind is how she is going to look in her wedding gown. We stumbled upon a pin that led us to three workouts tailored for Brides to be.

Along with feeling good about your body on your wedding day, another big component of your look is the hair. We found a pin that showed us several up-do ideas that would be perfect for a wedding.

Couples want their weddings to be as unique as possible, which is why incorporating DIY items has become the norm. While there is an array of options, we found a project that is simple and stylish, adding a touch of sparkle to the soles of your bridesmaid’s heels.

Another great way of ensuring a memorable wedding is to really take care of your guests. To make sure they are happy and having a great time can be difficult, especially if you are having a big wedding, but little touches at the ceremony and reception can really make a difference. Pinterest is full of these ideas, and we pulled one of our favorites, games for guests who don’t enjoy dancing the night away.

With inspiration from ideas like these and the many more you can find on Pinterest, you’ll have no problem making that big special day uniquely yours.

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Photo Credit: Pinterest

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