Fun and Creative Guest Book Ideas

As you’re surely beginning to realize as you plan your Big Day, weddings are a time for friends and family to come together in celebration.

Couples use their Big Day as a way to highlight their own personality and creativity. For years, brides and grooms have searched high and low for those special little details that will make their wedding the talk of the town. From colorful wedding gowns, belly dancers, unique themes, to destination nuptials, not only do they put their heart and soul into the relationship, but also into the wedding.

One small detail that can really create a huge impact in creativity is the guest book.  A traditional guest book is always beautiful and elegant, but if you are looking to bring something exclusive to your wedding, an imaginative guest book is a sure thing.

To help get your imagination flowing, our wedding experts are here to give a few fashionable examples of fun and creative guest books.


If you are thinking about the popular game then you are correct! This guest book is simple and easy on the budget. You simply purchase the game and have each of your guests sign a separate block.


Globes are not only beautiful and elegant, but they are educational. You merely buy a globe and supply your guest with a Sharpie. This is a wonderful idea for destination weddings.

River Rocks

This is a simple and easy way to display your guest book in your home. The bride can either collect or purchase smooth rocks. At the wedding choose any color Sharpie that suites you and have the guest sign their names onto the stones. Afterwards, just place them into a glass container and enjoy!


This is a fun and intimate way to encourage your guest’s creativity. The guests take a Polaroid picture of themselves, then sign below. Later, you can create a scrapbook containing all the pictures and signatures taken by your guest.

We wish your wedding and life together all the happiness in the world. Remember, be open with your creativity and no matter the outcome, it will be the most spectacular day of your life!

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