Garden Weddings – Working with the elements.

Garden weddings are perfect for southern settings. They can be classic and elegant, or casual with a vintage feel. It’s all about bringing the theme full circle and working with the outdoor elements to create a cohesive garden affair.

Whether you’re wedding is black tie or cocktail casual, some important essentials for garden weddings are:
• Lights
• Place settings
• Centerpieces

Stringing lights in trees is a beautiful way to incorporate the outdoor setting. You can use small hanging lights, wrap them around the branches, or hang giant metal lanterns. Lighting the trees, bushes, or other garden elements creates a whimsical and charming feel. For more casual, or untraditional weddings, even colorful Christmas lights create a fun unique look.

Lighting on the tables is also important. Tea lights in mason jars or small lanterns is a great option. For a more extravagant wedding, hang small white lights from tall centerpieces that have thin branches or long sticks.

Lighting along pathways is also important, especially for nighttime weddings or receptions. This too can be done with low lights or high ones, such as torches.

Garden weddings allow for you to have fun with the décor, including the place settings. For casual, rustic, or vintage style weddings, antique china is a great idea, and it doesn’t have to match. Imperfections are okay! Combining different patterns creates a unique look; just make sure the style of china is similar. Don’t do square, plain plates at one table, and round painted ones at another. There should be some cohesive elements.

The centerpieces should reflect the outdoor theme and garden atmosphere. You can use flowers or just green elements. Whether you want giant, tall centerpieces or small low ones, take advantage of the scenery. Twigs, moss, bark, grass, etc, can all make for beautiful and interesting visuals with great impact to the décor. Include lights within or around the pieces. Little lights or tall candles can work. For fancier weddings, add satin sashes or use silk tablecloths to dress things up. Putting miniature bouquets on each place setting is also a nice touch. Dried or live flowers bundled with twine or ribbons are sweet and personal to each guest. Not all of them have to be the same either. A little variety can make a big difference.

Have fun with your garden wedding! Gardens make for an intimate and charming setting; use that to your advantage when designing the look. So whether you plan on having your wedding at the Mackey House or not, give us a call and we’ll give you recommendations, after all, the Mackey House is the perfect place for events.

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