Gatsby Theme for Your Corporate Event

Every decade in the history of mankind has been marked by its specific characteristics. Some decades are filled with war, some are filled with change. And then there are other decades that always make people feel nostalgic – even if they did not actually live back then. DreamweaverPhotos_BrookeCory_part1_-5511small

The Roaring Twenties still inspire us. Against all odds, this decade proved to be opulent, luxurious and fashionable. If you want to organize a corporate event that will be unforgettable, plan it around “The Great Gatsby” and the stunning fashion of the 20s. Here are some great ideas that will work amazing with your “jazzy” corporate event:

  • Bring a real jazz band. If you want to create the genuine feeling of the 1920s, investing in a jazz band is almost a “must”.
  • Make sure the place is decorated in an opulent way. You don’t need a huge ballroom to organize a party inspired by the Great Gatsby. Even a smaller venue can be decorated in a beautiful way to suit the theme. The table linens, the centerpieces, the glassware and tableware, the party favors – make sure they all look really opulent. Glitter, sparkles and surfaces that refract the light can help you create that kind of décor.
  • Lace, pearls and feathers were all the “hype” back in the 20s. Aside from the fact that the outfits can be inspired by these elements, you can also bring them into the décor as well. The centerpieces will look amazing with white flowers placed in a vase wrapped in white lace, for example. Also, offering party favors inspired by the classiness of pearls can be a great idea too.

The Mackey House knows how to host parties that are stunning from all points of view. With a beautiful venue and with stunning surroundings, we promise to make the most out of your corporate event regardless of what theme you choose for it. Come visit us and convince yourself that we are your best bet for your Gatsby-themed event!