Getting a surprise ‘I Do’

Kristy and Jeff Weed are much like any couple you’d meet at the local coffee shop. Young, three incredible boys – Cole (7), Maddox (4), and Aiden (1 ½), blossoming careers, high school sweethearts – they couldn’t be happier.

Jeff, however, has been bothered by one little part of their past that he couldn’t let go.

“She never had the wedding she’d always dreamed of having,” he sighs. “She’s such an amazing wife and mother and we were so caught up in other things 8 years ago that we didn’t have time for a real wedding. I KNEW I had to make it right.”

And he made it right – in a big way.

With the help of his super undercover mother-in-law, and the planning team at The Mackey House, Jeff was able to make all of Kristy’s wedding dreams come true.

“I had NO idea how he was going to get her, secretly, into a wedding dress,” admits Cindy Perry, accomplice #1. “He said, ‘I know how to handle it – just keep telling her it’s for our anniversary pictures.’”

This is exactly what Jeff did. He told Kristy that since she never had the wedding, or wedding pictures she wanted, that he was hiring a photographer to take pictures of them and the boys in wedding attire just for their anniversary.

“Mom was so good about it too. She asked what colors I’d want the boys in and I figured black tuxes would be the prettiest. Jeff told me to get the dress I wanted, mom took me to do that, and here I was the entire time thinking ‘isn’t my husband so sweet to do all of this for me,” smiles Kristy.

When they arrived at The Mackey House that morning, Kristy unsuspectingly began getting ready for her surprise wedding.

“Ms. (Laura) Mackey was incredible,” says Kristy, “she played right along. She kept me in the bride’s room getting ready while they were quickly moving in all my friends and family. Ms. Mackey said, ‘stay in here for now, they are setting up for a big wedding tonight and you don’t want to get your dress messed up before the pictures.”

Kristy giggles and shakes her head, “I really had no idea.”

As Kristy emerged from the dressing room, looking stunning as ever, her friends and family awaited for her arrival to the back steps. Shocked at seeing everyone, including her husband standing there smiling at her, she froze.

“Why don’t we have a wedding, Kristy,” the crowd chanted in unison.

“There wasn’t a dry eye in the house,” says Trey Mackey, curator of The Mackey House at Red Gate Plantation. “We felt honored to be a part of Jeff’s surprise wedding and we’re excited to commemorate this occasion with them.”

The Mackey House’s 200-year-old property has seen its share of historical events in Savannah, GA. The house, new to the grounds, finds itself in a perfect location to host weddings, corporate events, birthdays, graduations, and numerous private parties. For more information, visit the website or call 912-234-7404.

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