What to put in a guest welcome bag

Creating a guest welcome bag “kit” is a great way of thanking them for having come such a long way to be there for you. However, some of you may feel confused as to what exactly a welcome bag should include. If that is the case, take a look at the following tips because they will definitely come in useful:


  • • Pick a nice tote bag or box. You don’t have to go for anything that’s too expensive – but make sure you personalize it by having them printed with your names, wedding date and/or a “Thank You” message. If you don’t want to have them printed, include the “Thank You” on a small card attached to the welcome bag/box.
  • • Include drinks and snacks in every guest welcome bag. Again, you do not absolutely have to go for something that is too expensive. However, do go for something that goes well with your wedding theme and with the location of the wedding too. Nicely-wrapped candy bars, Macaroons, peanuts and even “fancy” popcorn can be added here. Also, you can add a bottle of wine, mini-bottles of champagne or one-two craft beers as well. If you know someone doesn’t drink alcohol, replace these with lemonade or homemade juice in a personalized bottle or Mason Jar.
  • • Pamper your guests. From homemade perfume to sunscreen and body lotion and from handmade bow-ties to personalized flasks, there are numerous things you can include in the “pampering section” of your guest welcome bag. Just make sure it’s something nice, original and of a really good quality! All of these pampering items can easily double as souvenirs/wedding favors too – especially if you choose to personalize them in a beautiful way.
  • • The “paperwork”. Don’t forget to include a wedding program and a map of the location as well. Also, make sure you point out all of the events your guests are invited to (including the “rehearsal dinner” or the “day-after brunch” if you plan on having these).

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Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos