Top 5 tricks to saving money on your wedding

Top 5 tricks to saving money on your wedding

1)    Consider your month and day of the week – having your wedding Sunday – Thursday can almost cut your rental costs in HALF because these are not sought after days…a number of vendors, not just the location, maybe willing to work at a reduced price since it won’t be a “normally” busy time for them.  Also the time of year can be a lifesaver – January, February, July and August are slower times for The Mackey House and can save you cash!

2)    Decorating the venue – choose a location that already has plenty of scenery, or has a portion of their facilities outside, that way there’s no need to decorate them.  You may also want to consider a date closer to the holidays when a number of facilities will already be “festively” decorated.

3)    Go for e-vites – even if you want to send out cool, printed invitations, have your invitees RSVP online, it’s green…it saves you green, and a number of free wedding planning sites will assist with automatically populated options such as head counts and food requests.

4)    Food and Beverage – this is where your day can get EXPENSIVE quick – think buffet, not fancy, but it gives everyone a chance to pick and choose what they want, it will encourage them to mingle without worrying of discussion topics, AND it’s a ton cheaper than seated dinners.  For beverages – try sticking to domestic beer and wine, not as much fun as a full bar, but MOST of your guests will drink one or the other and they really won’t miss the other stuff.

5)    Photography – while you want professional pictures during your big moment – hire them for the wedding and may some choice shots ONLY and purchase “disposable” cameras…put them around your reception area, and the pre-wedding area – create “instructions” for the cameras inviting everyone to take pictures at will – this will give you the AWESOME unplanned pictures you want anyway and will save you a small fortune in your budget.

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