Help the Bride as Her Bridesmaid

Top 4 Ways You Can Help the Bride as Her Bridesmaid

As a bridesmaid, you want to be more than the girl dressed in a pretty dress, attending for the bride at the altar. You want to genuinely help your friend have an amazing wedding day, just like she deserves – and the good news is that you have plenty of opportunities to do this.  Want to learn more about the best ways to help the bride as her bridesmaid? Read on and find out more.

Help the Bride as Her Bridesmaid

  1. Be her friend whenever she needs it. This may happen in the middle of the night when she goes crazy over wedding colors. Or it may be right before she walks down the aisle. It may even be a lot more random than that: such as when she is doing her grocery shopping, for example. Be there for her to listen, to help her with all the DIY, to help her make the right choices.
  2. Help plan the bridal shower and bachelorette party. If she has left any kind of instructions regarding these pre-wedding events, they are most likely in the hands of the Maid of Honor. So, before you even start doing anything about these parties, talk to the MoH and see what she says.
  3. Be there for wedding day urgencies. Running mascara, a small flaw in the wedding dress, or simply a mad sweet tooth – your role is to help the bride enjoy her wedding day, and this may include carrying a mini “SOS kit” with you too.
  4. Make the other guests feel like dancing. Does the dance floor seem empty? Well then, it’s your duty as the bridesmaid to go out there and dance, together with the other super-ladies. The floor will be packed sooner than you know!


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