Holiday Parties – last minute ideas for Savannah, GA

As the winter holidays get closer and closer, it’s time to make those final arrangements, whether it’s for the office, the family, or just a great get together with friends.

A few last minute tips that will complete your holiday party:

1)     Secret Santa:  Many parties, particularly office parties, would love to be able to afford gifts for everyone in the office.  In these tough economic times, not everyone can afford to get even small gifts for an office of 20.  Drawing names is a great way to ensure everyone gets something and no one feels left out.

2)     White Elephant gift exchange:  These are fun, particularly for offices and friends that have humor as part of the regular routine.  For those that don’t know – white elephant gifts are BAD gifts, some funny (crazy Santa Statues, light up ties) and some just bad (old socks, rocks in a box).  Numbers are drawn and gift selection proceeds in numerical order.  Switching occurs until the last number has chosen a gift, and the first person who selected (#1) gets the last choice in swapping.

3)     Decorations:  Some of the best decorations come from nature – evergreen pieces placed in glass vases with ornaments not only add great scent to the room but make an easy centerpiece for any table.  Strings of lights are also easy, festive, and can go into glass jars for centerpiece options.

4)     Drink syrups:  Depending on the kind of party you’re having, holiday flavors can spice up any party.  Peppermint, ginger bread, cinnamon, all can be found as sweeteners for coffee, hot chocolate, steamers (steamed milk with flavoring), sparkling water, etc.

5)     Festive table cloths:  Even just solid color table coverings – red, green, blue – can add to the decorations at your event venue.  Patterns can be fun, but be careful not to have too many patterns in one location.  This also protects furniture if you’re having the event at your home.

If you’re needing a venue, remember the Mackey House is always here for you – and if you’re looking for other ideas, we’ll be happy to help because we’re your place for events!

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