How to Make Your Mother Part of the Wedding?

How Much Do We Need to Tell Our Guests About the Wedding Ceremony Beforehand?

Your wedding ceremony is bound to be one of the most romantic and magical events of your life. But if you are asking yourself “how much do we need to tell our guests about the wedding ceremony”, you have come to the right place.

Following, we have gathered some useful tips to help you decide what information you should be sharing with your guests before the Big Day. Read on, find out more and make sure your guests are prepared!

  • – If you are having an outdoor ceremony, make sure to specify this to your guests. This way, they will be able to choose adequate clothes and they will also be able to wear shoes that will not be too uncomfortable for the outdoor space (e.g. high heels on grass or sand, for example).
  • – If your ceremony is going to be more religious, your guests should know more about the particular traditions that have to be followed. In certain religions, the women should cover their shoulders, while in others, the men are expected to cover their heads. Your guests should know about all these customs before they come to your ceremony!
  • – Of course, your guests should also know if the reception will not take place immediately after the ceremony. Let them know how long the break will be and how they can reach the reception venue if it’s not located on the same grounds as your ceremony site or house of worship.


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Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos