How to Create a Wedding Ceremony Aisle That’s Totally Unique

Your wedding ceremony is for the two of you. For your love story, for the amazing feelings that have brought you together (and up to this point), for the great commitment you are about to make. Your wedding ceremony should, thus, reflect everything you believe in as a couple.

How to create a wedding ceremony aisle that’s totally unique? Read on and find some inspiration.

  • – Leave the flower petals behind. Yes, they can look gorgeous, but the sad truth is that so many people have used this as their wedding ceremony aisle décor that it has become somewhat cliché. Think of something more unique – such as creating an aisle runner with Moroccan carpets or to create something completely personal (a runner with your wedding date on it, for example).
  • – Use greenery. Want to add a very lush, beautiful and natural appeal to your wedding ceremony aisle? Use lots of greenery to decorate it. This is an excellent idea if you want to bring more green into the Big Day and it can also be amazing for money-saving purposes (as greenery and foliage tends to cost less than actual blooms).
  • – Remember the lighting. Create beautiful lighting for your wedding ceremony aisle and you will feel as if you are walking on a dream come true. Believe us, although it may cost a bit more to add special lighting to the ceremony, it will be worth every single cent!

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