What to Wear to a Valentine’s Day Wedding

How to Recycle Your Wedding Items

Your wedding is not going to be inexpensive – on the contrary, if you are like the vast majority of the American couples, you will most likely end up spending quite a lot of money on the Big Day. Considering the high cost and the high risk of wasting a lot of perfectly good wedding elements once the Big Day is over, you might want to recycle at least some of them.

How to recycle your wedding items? Here are some tips you could use:

  • – The food. There’s a very large likelihood that a lot of food will be left behind – so try to talk to your catering manager and see if it cannot be redirected towards a food shelter nearby. It would be such an amazing gesture, and it could really brighten up someone’s day!
  • – The flowers. You don’t want your flowers to simply wither away after the wedding – so offer them to guests (they will definitely appreciate it). Also, you could simply donate them to hospitals in the area and make the people there a little happier.
  • – The invitations. While many people don’t keep wedding invitations, you might want to encourage your guests to do the opposite. Think of ways in which your invitations can be kept (such as sending out invitations that can be planted and grown into flowers, for example).
  • – The favors and the décor. A lot of the wedding favors will be left behind on the ceremony site and at the reception venue – so either skip them altogether, or sell them on websites that allow people to purchase used wedding items. Also, you can do the same with most of your pieces of décor too!



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Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos