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How to Incorporate Famous Lines into Your Wedding Vows

Your wedding vows are not just words. They are the brick and mortar of your relationship: the promises you make to one another, the “rules” upon which you build your marriage and the most beautiful words of love and cherishment you will ever spell out. Your wedding vows should be unique and full of personality. Ultimately, they should speak about who you are as a couple and what you want from your future together.

If you want to incorporate famous lines into your wedding vows, you can definitely do it! This will add an original touch to your wedding ceremony and it will make everything more special too. How to do it, though? How to incorporate famous quotes into your vows?

We have gathered some tips to help you with this – so read on to find out more.

  • – Don’t use movie or book lines just because they are trendy. Use them because they are genuinely meaningful for you, because the couple that inspired them is similar to you or because they speak about how you got so far in your relationship.
  • – Make sure your future spouse will know how to appreciate those lines too! Use quotes from movies or books he/she has seen or read. Otherwise, they might have a lot of meaning for you and not that much meaning for your partner.
  • – Last but not least, practice your wedding vow with your favorite lines incorporated in it. See how it sounds, see how you feel saying it and think of whether or not it really fits your wedding. If you want to hear a second person’s opinion, ask your Maid of Honor or your Best Man to listen to you. These people know you very well and they will be honest enough to tell you if something sounds off.


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