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How to Incorporate Wreaths Into Your Wedding

As the bride and groom, you want your wedding décor to fully mirror your style.  It’s your personality and your love story. If you are the kind of couple who loves being out in nature, you will also love the idea of incorporating pretty wreaths into your Big Day.  What is the right way to go about it? How to incorporate wreaths into your wedding?

How to Incorporate Wreaths Into Your Wedding

  • As a table décor and accessories. Bring a bit of naturalness to your guests’ tables, especially if you are planning a wedding inspired by the beauty of Mother Nature! A simple wreath made from greenery can be a spectacularly elegant and unique centerpiece, so you will definitely love the idea. Moreover, mini-wreaths can also be used as plate placement décor as well – and that’s something you and your guests will love as well.
  • As a motif on your stationery. Use wreath designs on your wedding invitations and on your day-of stationery as well. It will tie everything together in a beautiful, harmonious way and it will allow you to create a wedding that truly stands out in the crowd.
  • As the entire theme of the wedding. Want a very unique, fresh wedding theme? Wreaths can do it for you! Not only can you use them in any of the aforementioned ideas, but you can use them in your wedding ceremony, in your flower girls’ hairstyle, and in many other ways. They will connect the entire wedding under a splendid aura of gorgeous, natural beauty!


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Photo credit: Dreamweaver Photos