Incorporating Children into Your Wedding

Weddings not only represent the union of two people, but also the joining of two families. Incorporating children into your wedding, whether it is nieces, nephews, future stepchildren, etc., helps to strengthen the connection between you, your family and your guests.

There are unlimited ways in which you can include children in the wedding ceremony. For example, having younger children as the ring bearer and/or flower girl is a classic way of having the little ones feels like an important part of the day. It is also simply adorable!

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If the children are older, being a flower girl/ring bearer may not be as exciting but the good news is that they have a better understanding of the importance of the day, and can therefore join the wedding in ways that are more meaningful. Consider having them do a reading at the ceremony, or taking care of the guest book during the cocktail hour. If you’d like them to be part of your wedding party, then designating them as your junior bridesmaid or junior groomsman would delight then to no end.

If the children you’d like to involve are your own, then the Unity Sand Ceremonies is a wonderful tradition to consider when joining the two families. The pouring of different color sands into one vase represents the joining of people to create something beautiful that will last forever.

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A Unity Candle is very similar to the Unity Sand Ceremony. The bride, groom and children all hold lit candles that represent their light. The new candle is lit from the joining of everyone’s flames represents the first light of the family’s new life together.

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Including children in your wedding is an easy way to emphasize the importance of family during a wedding, and the possibilities are endless. We hope that, this gave you some ideas and inspiration for ways to integrate younger family members into your special day.

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