Incredible Party favors your guests will LOVE!

Your wedding day is worth of all the attention you can offer. After all, this is a more than important moment in your life!

Everything from flowers to food and from music to your bridesmaids’ dresses will have to be carefully handled, of course. But one thing you will definitely not want to leave for the last moment is choosing nice party favors for your guests. Bear in mind that some of them have come a long way to be here for you on your big day, so you will definitely want to thank them for their kindness!


If key chains and fridge magnets are not what you want to offer as gifts for your guests, check out with the following ideas. They are fun, unique and they will definitely be much appreciated by the people who will come to your wedding!

  • Candy glass slippers. Amaze your guests by offering them with a glass slipper filled with candy. You can go for M&Ms, Jelly Beans or whatever candy you like. You can even have your candy fit your wedding color theme!
  • Candy apples. If you are planning on a fall wedding and you want to sweeten your guests with delicious party favors, candy apples will definitely be a good choice. These are especially suitable if you are planning a more rustic wedding, but they will work just fine if you simply want to awaken the children in your guests as well!
  • A mini-plant in a mini-pot. If you want to be “green” with your wedding favors, offer your guests a small plant in a small pot. Make sure you choose something that won’t break easy on the road home, especially if you have guests who will travel a lot to get to your wedding!

As for the party itself, don’t worry too much. Here at The Mackey House, we have the experience and the know-how required to make true fairy tales happen right before our eyes!

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