4 Ways to Involve Stepparents in Your Wedding

Your wedding is a huge moment in your life – but it is also very important for all those who will be present as well. From your wedding party to your parents and stepparents, everyone will want to feel important at your wedding – and you will definitely want to thank everyone for their amazing contribution and presence there as well.

How to involve stepparents in your wedding, though? How to make sure they feel important and that they really enjoy the Big Day, alongside your parents? We have gathered 4 tips to inspire you – so read on if you want to find out more.

  •  – Dress shopping. If you get along very well with your stepmother and if you really trust her sense of style (and honesty!), there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t invite her to the wedding dress shopping sessions.
  •  – Special dinner. Plan a dinner for your stepparents right before the wedding rehearsal dinner. This will make them feel really important and it will be a truly nice way to thank them for being there for you on such an important moment of your life.
  • – Stationery. Include your parents in the wedding stationery (such as invitations and even on the wedding programs). This can be easily done once you find the right “formula” on how to place everyone on paper.
  • – Ceremony. If you want your stepparents to be included in the wedding ceremony, you have multiple options at hand. You could, for example, have your father walk you down the aisle halfway through and then allow your stepfather to “take over”. Also, you could ask your stepparents to give a speech or a reading at the ceremony too.


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Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos