Savannah Weddings: Keeping It Fun With Games

Wedding receptions mark the time to get the party started. Fun moments like these usually involve guests having a night filled with endless dancing to crowd-pleasing music and plenty of laughter. Another way to add more amusement to the evening can be through games. The Mackey House loves looking for fresh ideas that will keep guests involved on your special day and games are the perfect way to keep everyone of all ages included!

We found some amazing activities on Pinterest that your guests will have a blast doing.

Do you remember playing “I Spy” as a child? Well now you can revisit the game at your wedding! This wedding version is great for those trying to meet new people by photographing items on the list while socializing with one another. Whip out your camera and take as many pictures as you can. You never know, you might snap some winning shots of the bride and groom that they can hold onto.

This activity is mostly geared for the kids attending, but if you have a knack for drawing, don’t be afraid to join in! Leave a pack of crayons with blank sheets of paper and have them decorate a card for the bride and groom. This is such a sweet idea that children will love doing.

Add some humor to the night by having guests complete their own “Guest Lib.” This activity stems from the popular “Mad Lib” books that people love to play. This version asks guests to give advice to the newlyweds, which can be helpful and hilarious at the same time! There is no doubt that the bride and groom will be cracking up reading these later on.

If you have any social media addicts attending your reception then “Instagram Our Wedding” is great for them! With this, the couple creates their own Instagram account where friends and family can follow and tag them throughout the night. With this, everyone can see how the couple’s special day went even if they could not attend.  Not to mention, this activity can be an expansion of what to do with all the photos taken during the “I Spy” game, which was previously mentioned.

No matter what you chose to do as entertainment at your wedding, The Mackey House is certain guests will have the time of their lives, and we sincerely hope these activities are helpful in bringing some more fun to the night.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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