Lighting that flatters your complexion

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, there will always be little imperfections we would like to hide. Your wedding is a big day for you and you will want everything to be perfect – and that, of course, starts with yourself.
Believe it or not, our complexion sometimes appears to look worse than it really is due to bad lightning. If you want to feel great about yourself at your wedding, make sure to follow these lightning-related tips. They will help you flatter your complexion and boost your self-confidence:
• Try to stay away from fake and cold-colored lightning. Generally speaking, these lights tend to emphasize every little blemish and every little flaw on our bodies too, so you may want to rule it out for your wedding.
• Instead, go for warm lights. They will make everything softer and smoother and they will flatter your complexion regardless of what shade it is.
• Candles are probably the most romantic kind of lightning, but you may want to supplement the light from them at your wedding. It would take a lot of candles to properly lit a room that large and your guests probably want to see each other (and on whose feet they dance as well).
• Lanterns can look great and you can even make them yourself. Mason jar lanterns are very popular, but any kind will do just fine. Allow your creativity to flow and you’ll definitely come up with great ideas.
• If you want to set the mood for party, you can also use stage lightning. The advance with this is that it will keep things dark enough to flatter your complexion as well. However, try not to exaggerate with the “special effects” because they may not be very pleasant for guests who are more sensitive to lightning.
The Mackey House can host the wedding you have always dreamed of. No matter what lightning options you may choose, we will be there to ensure that your location is gorgeous and ready for the big day!
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