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Major Wedding Beauty Trends of 2017

Although wedding trends are never to be blindly followed, the truth is they can be a huge inspiration for a bride-to-be. For example, are you familiar with the major wedding beauty trends of 2017? If not, read on and learn more about them!

Major Wedding Beauty Trends of 2017

  1. Red lips are always a classic. This year though, the red lipstick is closer to orange and the classic cat eyeliner has grown thinner and more subtle. Moreover, properly highlighting your face is very important if you want to achieve an elegant, gorgeous effect.
  2. Flower crowns have not grown out of fashion – but they have shifted towards a more elegant approach. For example, some flower crowns incorporate pearls and gemstones to resemble mermaid crowns, while others have been completely transformed into precious pieces.
  3. Very natural looks are also highly fashionable these days. Minimalist eye makeup, a fresh and radiant face, and lipstick that’s just a bit redder than the natural will always complement a shining bride.
  4. At the other end of the pole, highlighter-based makeup is also trending right now. If you want a glamorous, modern look, add plenty of quality highlighter to your cheekbones. It will make you feel stunning as you walk down the aisle!
  5. Searching for a more feminine look? Pink eye shadow is back in full force – and not on one, but on multiple runways. Coordinate it with otherwise simple makeup and you will definitely love it. An extra tip: do make sure your eye whites are bright and shiny by keeping the eye drops in handy. The redder your eyes are, the more tired you will look with pink eye shadow on.


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