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Make Sure to Choose the Right Photographer for Your Wedding

Few other life events are as big, as grand, as important, and as memorable as your wedding day is. You don’t get married every day. You’re going to want this event to be fantastic from all points of view. Naturally, you want all of the gorgeousness to be beautifully captured in pictures too.  How do you make sure to choose the right photographer for your wedding?

Make Sure to Choose the Right Photographer for Your Wedding

  • Set a budget. Same as with every other wedding vendor, photographers’ services come in a wide range of budgets. Know exactly how much you are willing to pay for a good photographer’s work and do not exceed your limits. Sure, it may seem that a couple of hundreds of dollars will not push your budget too much.  Add this to other compromises you make and you can end up in a financial disaster after the wedding.
  • Look at their work. Analyze it carefully: is it truly suitable for your wedding style and for you as a couple? Make sure that the style of the wedding photographer fits in with the style of who you are.  Make sure that they fit your style as a couple.
  • Talk to them. See how well they communicate, see if you are compatible with each other and if you feel good in each other’s presence. Working with a photographer you cannot get along with can be quite difficult and it can yield unexpectedly bad results in terms.  That feeling will show up in the photos.



The Mackey House is an elegant, historical wedding venue in Savannah – and we would be more than happy if you allowed us to be part of your Big Day. We can’t wait for you to come and see your wedding day here.


Photo credit: Dreamweaver Photos