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Make Your Bridesmaids Feel Financially Comfortable With Their Dresses

Your wedding dress is obviously important to you as the bride-to-be and you surely want your best friends to feel amazing in their bridesmaids’ dresses too. Does that mean you should allow them to spend a lot of money on these gowns?  We have some tips for you – so read on if you want to make your bridesmaids feel financially comfortable with their dresses.

Provide an Affordable Option

There are a lot of reasons not to choose bridesmaids’ dresses that are too expensive. The first (and probably the foremost important one) is connected to the fact that your bridesmaids will spend quite a lot on the wedding and pre-wedding events anyway. Choosing a dress that’s too pricey will only increase their expense – and although they may not show it, this may make them unhappy.

Give Options Make Your Bridesmaids Feel Financially Comfortable

The great news is that you actually have a lot of options for all pockets. Even more, you can actually provide your bridesmaids with three types of dresses to choose from – a lower-priced one (up to $200), a medium-priced one (up to $350), and a high priced one (more than $350).

Find a Dress that’s Versatile

If you want to show your bridesmaids even more consideration, choose a dress style and design that can be worn on multiple occasions, and not just at your wedding (e.g. something simple, that can be easily accessorized and which comes in a color that’s genuinely wearable). This will help your bridesmaids feel like they haven’t spent their money on something they only wear once.

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