Memorial Day Observance in Savannah, GA

Heading to the Savannah Area Chamber’s Military Appreciation Luncheon Wednesday really got us geared up for the Memorial Day Weekend and about how we can help honor our veterans.

Historically, Memorial Day was known as Decoration Day – originating post-Civil War Era to commemorate the fallen soldiers.  Typically organizations
(mainly from the ladies and school children in the south) would decorate Confederate Soldier’s graves and although the dates changed depending on the particular city, most fell in May.

The north had been doing similar celebrations for the fallen Union soldiers – so General John Logan proclaimed “Decoration Day” to be observed by both sides on May 30.  The date was chosen in particular to NOT reflect the date of any battle pertaining to the Civil War.

A tough decision and a healing one, the decision to create a holiday to serve as memory to both sides of a war that threatened to tear the United States apart was a decision taking steps toward healing and reunion.

While our country has started to recognize Memorial Day as a day for retail sales and family cookouts, PLEASE take a moment to remember those who have not only given their lives for this country and our freedoms but the family members who’s loss can never be replaced.

Remember the soldiers who dutifully take flags to Arlington National Cemetery and place them on every grave of every soldier that now lies beneath the earth.

If you have a United States Flag in your yard, remember it is customary to raise it briefly to the top of the staff then solemnly lower it to half-mast where it will remain until noon then rise again for the remainder of the day.  The half-staff position remembers more than one million men and women who have given their lives in service of their country, raising the flag again at noon symbolizes the living soldiers who resolved to not let those who gave the ultimate sacrifice die in vain, but to rise up in their stead and continue to fight.

This weekend please take a moment to thank a soldier, remember a fallen soldier, and keep the memory in Memorial Day.  It will mean the world to a service
member and their family.

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