Millennial Guests Don’t Care about These Details

Millennial Guests Don’t Care About These Details

If you are a bride-to-be, you most likely feel there’s a lot of pressure on doing things right. Yet, if you are getting married soon, there’s a very big chance you (and most of your guests) are part of the Millennial generation – meaning that many of the things that used to be considered important are not as big of a deal for you (or for your guests).

So, what is there to know about this? Well, as research shows it, Millennial guests don’t care about these details:

Millennial Guests Don’t Care About These Details

Wedding Exits

While this may have been a big element until not very long ago, it isn’t today. Sure, Millennials love the fairytale vibe of a wedding – but getting away in a very fancy limousine is not necessarily something they will appreciate. They will probably have a lot more fun and feel a lot closer to you if you make your wedding exit on a bike!

Escort cards, wedding programs, wedding menus, oh my!

And even “extras” (such as flip-flops as wedding favors). Nobody will actually frown upon all these items, but truth be told, they don’t really add up to your guests’ experience. They will be much happier with quality music and food, actually.

Too Formal of a Ceremony

A very formal wedding ceremony. This may be something your grandma cares about – or you, if you have very strong religious beliefs. Guests, on the other hand, prefer ceremonies that look nice, are sweet, romantic, and don’t last for too long. Somewhere halfway in between these two options will make everyone happy!

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