4 Modern Bridal Shower Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Your bridal shower doesn’t have to be traditional if you don’t like the idea. In fact, just as your engagement party, rehearsal dinner and wedding, your bridal shower should reflect your own personality and uniqueness – and the person who plans it should be more than aware of this.

What are some amazing modern bridal shower ideas your guests will love? We have gathered some suggestions for you – so read on and find out more.

  • – Cooking class. Long gone are the days of cooking to be considered as something that pertained only to the “Woman in the House”. Long gone are also the days of women rejecting cooking as a sexist act. These days, cooking is fun and relaxing – and the huge number of Pins on this topic proves it very well. Organize a cooking class for your bridal shower guests and they will be delighted with the idea.
  • – Go out and dance. What could be more memorable than a night spent out dancing and having real fun? This doesn’t have to be just your bachelorette party – if you are OK with it, your bridal shower can be all about “being out and about” too.
  • – A party for everyone. If you don’t want to be traditional, there’s no need to invite only the women at your bridal shower. Throw a fancy party for everyone (including the guys) and they will all have a lot of fun!
  • – Calligraphy class. Want to “train” your girls in doing something really unique? How many of them can pride themselves to know anything about calligraphy? Organizing a calligraphy class for them is a very unique and relaxing way to throw a bridal shower – so this is an idea more than worth considering.


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