MTV Star Rob Dyrdek’s Over-the-Top Proposal! Get The Details!

MTV Star Rob Drydek’s over-the-top proposal is one of the most beautiful ones we have ever seen in the celebrity world. The famous MTV star, professional skateboarder and actor proposed to his girlfriend,  Bryiana Noelle Flores – and the proposal was a truly magnificent one.


  • Bryiana wanted to see the Aladdin show at Disneyland and, since Rob always wants to be a good boyfriend, he took her there. What happened though exceeded everyone’s expectations – and the show was definitely one of the most successful ones in its entire history.
  • During the performance, Rob told his girlfriend that he needed to use the men’s room and snuck out of the show. However, when he came back in, he did not do it as Bryiana would have expected.  He came riding an elephant that was part of the Aladdin show, instead of prince Ali.
  • He then asked his girlfriend to come on stage, where he proposed using a gorgeous diamond ring. Every moment of the big proposal was documented on Instagram and you can take a look at the photos as well.
  • Rob said that he is humbled by the love he and his girlfriend share and that their relationship turned out much better than he would have even dreamed of. With Rob Drydek’s over-the-top proposal, we can definitely believe him when he says that he cannot wait for Bryiana to become his wife!

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Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos