No Two Bridesmaids are Alike

Even if a bride decided to have identical quadruplets as her bridesmaids, there’s a good chance the dress would look different on each girl. But even if a bride had clones standing next to her all wearing the exact same dress, how interesting would it be?

A trend that’s becoming more and more popular is different shades and/or styles of dresses. Not only does it give each bridesmaid the benefit of wearing something that looks good on her body, something she feels comfortable in, but it also brings an interesting and unique look to the wedding party as a whole.

This looks much more attractive up at the alter and in photos than a bunch of girls wearing the exact same dress, which, let’s face it, usually only looks good on one or two of them.

Options and Tips:

  • If you choose a shade that your bridesmaids must stick to, still approve of the dresses before your wedding day.
  • There needs to be some cohesiveness.
    • You don’t want one girl in a sundress and another in cocktail dress.
  • If they are all completely different dresses, the colors shouldn’t clash, and there should be a cohesive theme.
    • Example: vintage, sleek/modern.
  • Don’t go rainbow. Stick with close shades or shades that compliment one another.
  • Say nay to multiple pastels.
  • Patterns are okay; just make sure they are similar styles.
    • DON’T have one girl in a floral pattern, and another in some geometric repeat pattern. It looks awkward. Even if they are similar colors, they are completely different styles.
  • If you are doing multiple shades/colors, choose a palette.
    • (Color palettes are available online)
  • Groomsman can get in on the mix-match as well. But don’t do different colored suits/jackets.
    • Vests, ties, bowties, and flowers/boutonnières are OKAY.


Whatever it is that you decide on, make sure it’s still something that compliments you and you’re wedding. Your bridesmaids will appreciate the options, but at the end of the day the celebration still belongs to you and your groom.


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