Non-Traditional Wedding Tips

Who says you have to wear white? Throw a bouquet of flowers? Or have matching bridesmaid dresses? There isn’t a wedding rulebook, but there are tons of fun and unique ways to do a wedding. From the ceremony to the reception, here are some awesomely uncommon ideas that are all but traditional.

  • The Ceremony – Many people share their vows in a church, others outdoors, and some in their   own family’s home. But you can get married anywhere. Just to name a few interesting and different venue options:
    – An old theater
    – Restaurant
    – Hotel
    – Top of a building
    – Lodge
    I recently saw photos from a 1920s-esque wedding where they had the ceremony at an old theatre that was built in the twenties. The couple was married on stage while their friends and family sat in the audience.
  • The Dinner/Reception – Get creative!
    – Fill a bathtub with ice and put drinks in it for easy grab and go. (Better for outdoor weddings.)
    – For centerpieces you don’t have to do flowers. Pictures, paper bouquet, lights/lamps, branches/moss/greenery, etc.
    – The food doesn’t have to be served by waiters. Fun tiered trays are a great way to present small finger foods. This can also act as part of the centerpiece.
  • For your guests – Random/Fun
    – Paint a giant chalk wall to have your guests sign and draw on.
    – Hand out disposable cameras to everyone and have a wedding site for them to upload the best pictures to.
    – Photo booths with props are always fun
    – For the guys – hire a cigar roller.
    – Espresso bar.
    – Lounge furniture creates an intimate setting (Even outdoors!)

This is just a short list of ideas but hopefully it will get your mind working. Remember, there are no guidelines or rules for your wedding. So whether you are having your big event at the Mackey House or at another venue, just remember what you’re really celebrating, LOVE! Have fun, make it yours, and make it memorable.

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