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Not Sure about Wedding Invitation Etiquette? Follow These Tips!

We know how confusing wedding etiquette can be, especially if you have never been involved in the planning of such a large and important life event. Like it or not though, wedding etiquette should be followed in most cases – and wedding invitations make no exception from this.

How to send your wedding invitations the right way? Read on and find out the best wedding invitation etiquette tips:

  • – Online wedding invitations can be tempting. They’re easy to create or buy, they are cheap, they look great, they make the logistics far easier, and they can also help you plan a better headcount. However, they are suitable only for very casual and intimate weddings. The more formal your event is, the more need there will be for you to send an actual paper invitation.
  • – Be careful with the RSVP deadline. In general, four weeks is enough (if you calculate it from the day you send out the invitations). Still, you can reduce this to two weeks if you don’t have out of town guests. You should also increase the deadline to twelve weeks if you’re planning a destination wedding.
  • – It is very important to correctly address the invitations. This will help you reduce the number of unwanted plus-ones (because most guests will understand there’s a reason only their name is written on the RSVPs). Even so, there may still be a few people who might want to bring a plus-one – so be prepared to explain your reasons over the phone. Do it diplomatically and politely, but do make sure to stand your ground as well.



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