What to Splurge On With Your Wedding Planning

Not Sure What to Splurge On With Your Wedding Planning?

Money matters can be quite stingy, especially when it comes to weddings (events that are supposed to be completely free of all financial stress and anxiety). Yet, knowing what to save on and what to splurge on can actually help you stick to a budget and still have a breathtakingly beautiful Big Day.  What to splurge on with your wedding planning? Here are some tips for you to keep in mind.

Go With Professionals

A good, professional, well-reviewed DJ and/or band. Your cousin may have a lot of musical knowledge, but do you really want them to play music from a USB stick at your wedding? Even more, do you want someone dear to you to spend your Big Day working? Probably not – leave this into the professional hands of a well-known DJ in your area and your guests will be more than happy with the music at your wedding.

Find the Venue You Love

A beautiful wedding location that really suits your style. A good venue means you won’t have to spend a lot of money on décor and furniture, so if you have found a place you really like, go for it. You only get married once and you deserve to do it in a location that’s genuinely inspiring for you!

Go with Video, Trust Us

A videographer. You may have dismissed the idea, but the truth is that this is something you don’t want to leave behind so easily. A videographer’s services will help you capture all those fantastic, magical moments photography cannot fully embrace: your wedding vows, your First Dance, your father’s toast, and so on. So worth it!

We hope that this sheds a little bit on what to splurge on with your wedding planning.

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