Out of Town Wedding Guests

Best Tips for Out of Town Wedding Guests

As the bride and groom, you are the Queen and King of your wedding day. But you’re also hosts, and this means you will have to make each and every guest invited feel really amazing when celebrating your love story. What are the best tips for out of town wedding guests and making them feel great during their visit? Read on and find out more.

Make it Easy for Out of Town Wedding Guests

Provide Info on the Locale

Start off on the right foot. When out of town guests send positive RSVPs, respond with a “kit” to help them get around in the town they’re about to visit. From maps and GPS coordinates to taxi numbers and touristic attractions, this kit should include everything your out of town guests may need when getting around (and not just to and from the hotel).

Make It Easy for Guests to Book their Stay

You don’t have to pay for your guests’ accommodation, but you should make it easier for them to find a hotel room, especially if you’re planning your wedding in full season or during any holiday weekend. Book an entire batch of rooms for all of your out of town wedding guests to make sure they will have a place to stay at (and preferably, as close as possible to your wedding venue!).

Give a Welcome Basket

Welcome baskets may not seem like a big deal. But they can be so nice and they can bring such a huge smile on your guests’ faces! Create a personalized welcome basket to place in your guests’ hotel rooms and they will be more than grateful!


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