Outdoor Wedding Planning in Savannah, GA

What makes outdoor weddings so inspired?

Could it be the feel of natural surroundings during your special time or the incredible backdrop that’s provided by the planet or maybe the challenge of daring the weather to mess up your day?

Whatever it is, outdoor weddings have gained in popularity over the years and particularly in the south when the weather is warmer longer, they certainly have a particular appeal for both the special couple and their guests.

However, it’s important to note that outdoor weddings take a little extra planning than indoor weddings.  For example:

–         Just in case: we’ve already mentioned the need to take on Mother Nature as a reason people enjoy the outdoors – but you always need a backup at the chance of inclement weather.  Some inclement weather can be battled by tents, but not all.  Be sure to have an indoor alternate site.

–         Heating/Cooling elements: the end of the twentieth century brought us some incredible inventions, not to be over looked are the amazing outdoor items you can use to heat or cool an outdoor area that are not only functional, but quiet and attractive.  Not quite as outstanding as central heating and air for your home, but close to it.

–         Umbrellas: especially if your wedding is in one location and your reception is at a separate but walkable location, rain could bring issues for your guests.

–         Bug repellant: as with our heating and cooling elements, as equally inspiring new gadgets include citronella candles, bug misting systems, tiki torches with bug repelling oils – the list goes on and the exciting part is that many options don’t come with yucky scents.

–         Mats or Rugs:  if your location doesn’t offer a hard surface for your attendees, be sure to rent something for them to stand on, place a chair on, or walk on.  You don’t want your friends and family sinking of having wet feet all day.

At The Mackey House, we have both indoor and outdoor facilities for you to use, as well as a covered, heated, and air conditioned pavilion available to you in any arrangement you’d like.  Let us know if we can assist you with making your outdoor wedding a memorable one!

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